Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Last Thank You

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came out to vote and support our schools.  We passed another fiscally responsible budget that maintains the quality education on which our community depends.

I also want to thank the community for tolerating all the signs, flyers, buttons, Facebook posts and ball field conversations of grassroots democracy. 

I'm afraid to try to list everyone here that helped out for fear of forgetting someone but I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone who had a lawn sign, made calls, sent emails, hung signs, found FB friends, delivered lawn signs, cable-tied banners, shared links,  said 'thanks for running,' addressed envelopes, handed out flyers, got signatures, opened their homes to me, got my campaign up to speed, wrote letters, designed signs, watched my son at the playground, wore a button, or took my picture -- and I'm sure I've forgotten some of the hundreds of things we had to get done..

I am looking forward to serving on the board and seeing you all soon.


P.S. - I am gladly accepting returns of all lawn signs!

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