Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Miss this Letter from Tom Murphy that the Record Pilot Did Not Run

  "Change for the Better"

May 21st is the annual vote for the North Shore School District budget and election of trustees. There will be three positions to fill and six candidates vying for those seats. For better or worse, change is on the way. The two candidates who are most qualified to bring us change for the better are Sara Jones and Tim Madden.

Both Sara and Tim have demonstrated their knowledge of the most important issues facing our district today. They both  have families in our community and children attending our schools. They have a vested interest in making sure that our schools provide a top notch education for all students and will seek to do it in a fiscally prudent  way.

What impresses me most though, is that both Sara and Tim  are people of integrity and character who truly have an independent voice. They understand that the obligation of a school board member is to represent the community at large, not any one individual or group. They are beholden to no one and when it comes time to raise their hand on any issue, they will do it with facts in hand and within their own conscience.

Please join me in voting for a change for the better. Vote for Sara Jones and Tim Madden on May 21st.

Tom Murphy

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