Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Letters They Didn't Print

A huge thank you to everyone who wrote Letters to the Editor! Here are two that didn't make it in:

In support of Sara Jones for Trustee of the North Shore Board of Education

To The Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Sara Jones for North Shore School Board Trustee and I urge everyone to do the same.

As a life-long resident of the North Shore community, a graduate of our school system, tax-payer, and a parent of a GWL kindergartner and an eighth-grader in the middle school, I am deeply interested in the up-coming school board elections.  We are voting at a critical time for our community and its schools.  The closure of the LIPA power station presents fiscal challenges that will affect our tax levy, school budgets, and property value.  The tax cap challenges the board and our educators to maintain the quality of education in our district -- a school system whose effectiveness directly impacts our property values.  State testing and mandates that are costing millions of New York State tax dollars, and are of dubious educational value, determine more than ever how and what our children are taught.  This is a time calling for level-headed, experienced, and dedicated leadership.

Sara Jones is that candidate.  She is smart and accessible.  She is a professional possessing the qualities our district needs now. She combines respect for educational principles and for fiscal realities.  She has the business and financial acumen, gained as a business owner, CEO, and a director of fund-raising, to make wise, informed choices.  She is deeply invested in the North Shore community and the well-being of our children.  She is well-informed, dedicated, committed, and compassionate.  These are the qualities we need on the board. 

Sara Jones is also a friend, a fellow parent, a concerned tax-payer, and a dedicated volunteer in our district.  You see her at soccer practice, school concerts, community events, giving back to the community that we all value so much.

The qualities of Sara Jones -- fiscal responsibility, integrity, commitment to educational principles -- are what we require for the stewardship of our respected and effective system. I am confident putting the education of my children and the maintenance of our educational system into the hands of Sara Jones.  I am confident she will make the correct choices with what are becoming more and more limited resources.

This election matters a lot.  Get out and vote for Sara Jones, the candidate most qualified to meet the challenges and demands the North Shore School District is facing.

John Ryan
Glen Head

Vote for Sara Jones

Like many other folks in our beloved school district, I am writing in support of Sara Jones’s candidacy for the North Shore School Board of Education.  So immediately the question, becomes why?  But in my mind the real question is why not?

I have known Sara for about four years now as our sons met in preschool and from there not only did their friendship develop, but also I found a fellow Southerner in the heart of Long Island.  Since the time I met Sara, I have always been amazed by the intensity of her commitment to all tasks she undertakes.  Whether it is her dedication to improving our children’s school nutrition, or developing her successful business, or strengthening the after school programs at Sea Cliff, I truly stand in awe of her.  How she does it all, and with her incredible positive energy and enthusiasm is beyond me to this day.  She still manages to be available for her children’s after school events and performances, spends time with her family and friends, and continues to be an outstanding citizen in our district.

Recently someone asked me “Why would someone want to run for the School Board?  It seems like it must be so demanding and you are not even getting paid for it.” This person is absolutely right.  It is extremely demanding but the stakes for those involved are high.  And I think we all forget that the actions of the School Board directly affect us, and more importantly our children.

Currently, our North Shore School Board is up against some very big decisions that may not work in our favor.  For instance, the loss of revenue with closing of the LIPA plant will have drastic implications for the school budget.  Sara Jones will be able to bring her strong business experience to the table when making the best financial decisions for the budget with our children’s education at the forefront.  Another increasingly important issue is the role of the New York state standardized testing and the impact on our children’s education.  Sara recognizes the importance of the schools being held accountable, however she also understands that our children need a more well rounded education to succeed in our ever-changing world. 

Sara Jones will be able to work effectively our community to bring costs under control but also maintain a high quality of education for our children.  We need our children’s needs to be more accurately represented on the School Board and Sara Jones is that voice.  Please join me in support of her candidacy for the North Shore School Board of Education.

Pooja Vira
Glenwood Landing

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