Monday, May 20, 2013

A Special Thanks --

When I decided to run for school board, I wanted to bring my skills as a successful business person and fundraiser to the significant financial challenges our district is facing. I also wanted to bring my deep interest and involvement in our schools to work on issues like standardized testing that are hurting the education we want to provide

I’ve been astonished by the support I’ve received from our community and the many offers to help. Thanks to everyone who took a sign, posted a flyer, got signatures, held a coffee, designed signs, hung banners, or handed out leaflets.

The Board of Education as an entity does not endorse candidates.  Since I announced my candidacy though, some current and former members have stepped forward to offer their support, and I am gratified to know that I have the backing of people who have worked so hard for our community.

Having attended board meetings, asked questions, and scrutinized the budget during public comment, I know their support comes not from walking in lock step with the board or administration but from my deep commitment to our schools and the skills I will bring to the board. So, today, I want to send a special thank you to all of you.


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