Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Special Thank You to North Shore’s Teachers

When I decided to run for school board, I wanted to bring my skills as a successful business person to the significant financial challenges our district is facing. I also wanted to bring my deep interest and involvement in our schools to work on issues like standardized testing which are hurting the education we want to provide.

I did not know at the time how much support I would receive from our community. I am deeply grateful for the 150+ families who have put up lawn signs, and I am very proud to now have the support of our hard-working teachers' union. As a pro-education candidate, I’m gratified that the educators who have dedicated their lives to our children have decided to stand with me.

So many of our teachers are also our neighbors – citizens and taxpayers -- integral to our community. I’m sure this is one of the many reasons that last year our teachers agreed to what was at the time the most conservative contract agreement in the state by an overwhelming majority, saving the district millions of dollars.

Although the union has not made a donation to my campaign, they have independently chosen to support my election in various ways including some of the signs you may have seen recently.

Many thanks to you all -- and please vote on the 21st.

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